Cobbler Mountain Press

As landscape photographers, we each yearn to bring home the best photos we can, often those picture postcard shots of places with unusual natural beauty.  But aside from being in the right place at the right time with the right gear, what can we do to duplicate the majesty of the jaw-dropping photos we see in books and magazines?  And besides, is that all there is to landscape photography?  Or are there other ways we can creatively approach the craft of photography that will lead us to achieve our own, unique vision?

This book explores the concept of creativity in landscape photography in an easily-approachable manner by laying out practical steps to inject more creativity into your own work.  You’ll be introduced to many so-called “rules” of landscape photography and invited to apply them when they work, scrap them when they don’t.  And you’ll be shown photographs that may challenge you to stretch your own view of what a landscape photograph is.

 The result is a beautifully-illustrated cookbook of fresh ideas you can try out in your own photography.  The more than 160 photographs, in both color and black and white, offer a wide range of techniques that can be readily applied by photographers with limited time or ability to travel to exotic locations.

The book assumes you have at least the basic gear you’ll need and that you know how to use it.  There are plenty of other guides to help you wade through the wealth of excellent cameras, lenses and other equipment, as well as basic books on exposure and other aspects of using your equipment effectively.  The text and photos in this book are thus freed to focus entirely on ways to achieve greater creativity in composition and how you can freshen your approach to photographing the world around you.

 By clarifying the concept of creativity and stretching your definition of what makes a landscape photograph, this book will spur you on to see new compositional possibilities as you progress toward establishing your individual photographic style.

Creative Composition for Landscape Photography : A Visual Guide to Improving Your Photographs is available from in paperback and Kindle editions.